Razer Phone in the field test: THE gamers smartphone?

Razer is known for gaming hardware. Actually. Now the Americans are building their first smartphone – for gamers. If that works out? The test!

In recent years, Razer has evolved from being a small peripheral light into a major player in the technology industry. The poisonous green snake – the symbol of the brand – graced keyboards and mice, meanwhile console accessories and even a notebook of its own. But that’s not all: On November 1, the US company has introduced its first smartphone. COMPUTER BUILD already had it in his hands and shows if the Razer smartphone is more than just a dazzling toy for nerds.

Razer Smartphone: Fat frame, fat sound

Visually, the snake phone looks almost a bit staid in times of sleek, glossy phones like the iPhone X or Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro. The back is made of matte aluminum, which makes it particularly grippy, but can not compete with the optical pearls in the beauty contest. Also, because Razer defies the new beauty ideal of the 18: 9 displays and goes with the usual 16: 9 format the classic way. And aware of how to confirm to COMPUTER BILD. The gamer should have enough space on the left and right side of the frame so that he has enough holding space while playing. This increases the comfort of longer game sessions – one of the Razer’s priorities. On top of that, the sound benefits immensely. Instead of wasting the existing frame area uselessly, two loudspeakers are roaring about the bet. The duo creates a surprisingly good and loud sound for smartphone conditions. The “Dolby Atmos” demo creates a surprisingly rich home theater experience in your fingers.

Razer display: No 18: 9, but 120 hertz

The 5.7-inch screen embedded in the case is not only large but also sharp enough thanks to the QHD resolution (2560×1440 pixels). The colors and contrasts are impressive, but the brightness is not. If you want to play a lot while you’re out and about, you’d better not watch the sun – the Razer display is a bit too dark for direct light. Interesting: as one of the first smartphones, the gamer phone 120 Hertz. The particularly high refresh rate is especially good for fast-paced game scenes – here nothing jerks! To spare the amazingly enduring with 4,000 mAh rechargeable battery, the Hertzahl is dynamic – in games, it is between 75 and 120 Hertz – and in the system settings also adjustable. During a jetski ride in “Riptide” the Razer once played the muscles – seldom did games on a smartphone look nicer.

Razer hardware: Undeterred by cooling

For the graphics, splendor is mainly responsible for the Snapdragon 835 Qualcomm. The Monster processor clocks like many other high-end smartphones – why should the Razer be better suited for games then the expensive premium remainder? A special heat protection in the frame with cooling plates ensures even in heated moments for a cool head. If the hardware is slowed down early in the event of extreme stress due to complex 3D games, so that the mobile companion does not overheat, the sophisticated cooling technology continues to push the performance limits. The integrated Andreno 540 graphics unit takes care of the rest.

Also, there are 8 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal storage space, of which a good 48 gigabytes are available to the user at the end. If you need more space for your virtual games collection, just store them on a microSD in the designated memory card slot. Interesting side note: The so-called “Gamebooster” is pre-installed on the Razer. This allows the performance of the system to adapt to its requirements, the CPU clock rate of a maximum of 4×2.4 and 4X1.9 gigahertz or change the resolution arbitrarily.

Software and Camera: Simple, but good

As the operating system, the Razer edition of Android – that is an in-house, but the hardly adapted version of the Google operating system – is used. The basic framework here is Android 7.1.1 Nougat, an update to Android 8.0 Oreo will follow in early 2018. For this purpose, there should always be updates to the security software, which are rolled out every month. Of course, a camera must not be missing in a smartphone – so photo-happy gamers can photograph themselves with the 8-megapixel front camera – or use the two 12-megapixel lenses of the dual camera. The latter is similar to Apple’s current iPhones enable a lossless double zoom, which was difficult to detect in the first practice test. It remains to be noted that Razer has built a solid sensor, but the software is based on the rather simple held standard camera app from Google and barely offers opportunities for a creative romp.

Razer Phone: Price and Release

As promising as the gamer smartphone sounds – the price is steep. 749 euros call the Americans for their premier mobile phone. A lot of money. Therefore, the Razer phone from November 14 (for the time being) is only available through the in-house online store.

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