Will you buy iPhone X or Not? Check the whole issues (review)

Apple’s new surprise came on the market – iPhone TEN Millions of Apple Appraisals have ended around the world. Many people interested in buying this smartphone without the market on the occasion of Apple’s decade.

From October 27, the American technology company has begun to apply for an iPhone tens. Today, customers are getting iphone tens from November 3. The flagship phone worth 999 US dollars announced on September 12 The smartphone featured on this smartphone has many interesting features, due to which many are interested in buying it, but for some reason, many can turn away from iPhone tens.

Let’s know about a few reasons:

On the occasion of the iPhone’s tenure for keeping the collection, Apple brings Apple iPhone to the market. So it’s a special smartphone. Those who have a lot of hobby collecting, they can keep a new version of the iPhone. A whole new design smartphone will surely grab Apple’s mind.

Face ID:

Face ID feature, which is used by the new true-depth camera, is added to the iPhone. The feature is not available on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Face ID will be used to unlock iPhone instead of Touch ID. It will be useful to use features like AppleCare There are no sensors, cameras, chips and dot projectors dragged on the iPhone, not on another iPhone. It creates a map of 30,000 invisible dots on the face of the user, which helps recognize the appearance of darkness through special infrared rays.

OLED Screen

This is surprising because the AJTOJE is a five-digit eight-inch OLED display. This is the only iPhone with OLED display. The pixel density of iPhone is more than all other iPhones. The pixel density of 458 ppi per inch in 2436 by 1125 pixel resolution display. IPhone 8 Plus pixel density of 401 ppi This is Apple’s first HDR-ready smartphone. It supports division.

Portrait mode

New lighting effects can be found by dragging the iPhone. There are also special portrait modes. The camera used behind the iPhone tens is better than the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. IPhone 8 and eight-plus cameras have behind other cameras in different experiments. Technology analysts say that the iPhone tens camera will also surpass the iPhone 8 and eight-plus cameras. There are 12 megapixel wide-angle and telephoto cameras, Optical Zoom, Wide Angle Aperture F / 1.8 in iPhone and 8 Plus. However, due to the aperture F / 2.4 in the iPhone, dragging it in the iPhone, it is better than the iPhone 8 Plus. IPhone 8 Plus aperture F / 2.8 in telephoto The low tone of the aperture can take better pictures of the iPhone Tens. Besides, due to the dual optical image stabilization of the iPhone tens, the picture will be Jharkhand.


Apple has just opened anonymity for iPhone tens. By using Apple’s new facial recognition software, any aspect can be converted to animated emoji. Which could express and speak facial expression? 12 types of anime are released. Including monkeys, panda, alien and foxes. Apple has just opened anonymity for iPhone tens. By using Apple’s new facial recognition software, any aspect can be converted to animated emoji. Which could express and speak facial expression,12 types of anime are released? Including monkeys, panda, alien and foxes.

Why not buy?

There are many interesting features to buy iPhone tens, and there are many reasons not to buy it. Take a look at:

The price

One reason for not buying iPhone tens is its price. The price of 999 USD is relatively high. This is the most expensive iPhone. The flagship in the market is more expensive among other smartphones.


Apple has used the same processor to pull the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone. This 11 processor has been used by Apple’s last 10-nanometer technology and six core CPU design. Apple claims that the 11 processor is 25 percent faster than those of the previous iPhone 7 and 7 Plus ten processors.

New interface

The big advantage of iPhone is its user-friendly interface. Many people prefer iPhone because of an easy-to-use interface. But by dragging the iPhone, it changed. In addition to joining the face ID, the Home button has taken off. The new interface has been added to the IOS 11. The previous swipe and gesture will not work by dragging the iPhone. Opening the app, using the Control Center has changed. That is, using a new iPhone is complicated.


There are many features of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. One of them is Wireless Charging. There is no special feature for iPhone Tens. The same chipset, water, and dust-resistant features, not something special from the iPhone Tone.


Though the iPhone tens all-glass design is nice to look at, it has to be more careful in use. Because of the glass on both sides, the user has to be aware of two surfaces. If any surface damaged in some way, the cost of replacement is not less.


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